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Flying Trapeze Adventures

Do you fly out of lines? Or would you like to learn to fly without lines? This page is for you!

Own Your Flying


This is our motto! Own your flying means that you have developed the control and self-reliance to fly confidently. It really shows when a flyer is owning all of his or her skills and tricks. Have fun in the air! And not being afraid to throw your tricks to the net. Have the confidence to take the training lines off for a newly learnt skill or trick. This does not mean to have no fear at all. It is the way that you deal with that fear and overcome obstacles. You learn in a style that is empowering and technical so you are never being rushed to learn something that is way above your ability. Attention to detail in the beginning of flying makes all the difference in the long run.  

Our Style:


Instilling CONFIDENCE. Flying trapeze is a special activity that requires a lot of trust and patience. We teach in a way that is encouraging and empowering. We are honest to our students about certain modifications that need to be made and thoughtful about what advice is given. We focus on what you did right and encourage you to focus on the good as opposed to hammer in and critique what you did wrong. We want our school to feel welcoming and warming. A place where people can feel safe and at ease, but also encouraged to go above and beyond where he or she may have thought they could go. 


What is #burnthelines? 

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Every flying trapeze student starts out wearing a harness with training lines attached. These lines are imperative for beginner students who have never dropped from a trapeze bar into a trapeze net. But like all training devices, they are meant to be taken off eventually. Learn how to safely land in the net and swing on the trapeze so that you do not need assistance from the lines. Gain confidence in yourself and your own abilities so that you can merely rely on the training lines for learning new skills and tricks. When your skill or trick is clean, safe and ready - burn those lines!! 


By Emily Morgan



Welcome to the amazing and incredibly addicting world of Flying Trapeze! The term “Own Your Flying” is something so fundamentally important for any flying trapeze student or performer. “Own Your Flying” means to feel completely in control and have a strong understanding of the skills and tricks that you own. We want to teach you how to be completely comfortable on a flying trapeze and love hitting that net!


Student Booklet

The purpose of this booklet is to inspire progression and guide you through the levels. The progressions and requirements are what we believe are necessary for what someone needs to achieve to move up. We NEVER hold anyone back and ALWAYS strive to better the student hoping that one day they will surpass the coach and become the strong, INDEPENDENT flyer that everyone has the potential to be.Every student that walks into the space has the potential to become a professional flyer one day, regardless of initial ability, strength, determination, etc. , just as any Karate student has the potential to become a black belt. Every student will be taught the same way and every student will progress at a different rate. If a Karate student has remained a white belt for several years (for any reason), the Sensei does not manipulate the student into a move that he or she may not be ready to learn on their own simply because they believe the student may be getting bored, or should learn something new.

This is also similar to gymnastics. Someone taking gymnastics classes who has remained a level one does not get a harness attached to them and get manipulated into a full twisting layout by somebody pulling them like a puppet. YES, lines are important for training on flying trapeze, just as a spotter is important for gymnastics; however, the spotter in gymnastics steps away eventually just as the TRAINING lines come off in flying trapeze. The lines are for training purposes, and just like training wheels, should come off when the flyer is ready.

The levels are simple in concept. A Novice Flyer has never swung out of training lines. An Intermediate Flyer is learning skills and tricks out of training lines. An Advanced Flyer has owned their flying, and can perform a base level of tricks to a caliber of performing in a circus. This means catching and returning with good form out of lines. The Advanced Level is what a student should strive to achieve, and anybody can get there.The specifics of our training technique are ever adapting as we teach. As coaches, we are always learning from our students and are very open to conversing about coaching methods. The fundamental and core concept behind our vision has forever remained the same. EMPOWER the student. Guide the student to OWN THEIR FLYING. Never being afraid of hitting that net. And anything is possible.

#burnthelines #ownyourflying



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