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Flying Trapeze Adventures



What we offer

    At Flying Trapeze Adventures we offer Aerial Silks, Hammock and Lyra. We also offer private Spanish Web classes for those that are interested. Learn how to contort your body in the air like that Cirque Du Soleil performer that you’ve always admired. Learn grace and poise and increase your flexibility. Even leave Koh Tao with a polished routine that you could perform one day in front of friends and family at your local circus school, or as an audition piece for that circus you want to join!

     If you are new to the world of circus and acrobatics and are just looking for something fun to do on the island, then come learn some Aerials! Beginner and inexperienced students are welcome to join the Open Level Aerial classes. Our lead Aerial instructor is highly experienced and has taught Aerials all throughout America and Australia. Check her out on social media

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Aerial Silks are most likely what you have seen performed in a circus or online and are our most popular class. It is a beautiful art and we are lucky enough to have professional aerialist Clara Hamilton with 15 years of experience here teaching. But don’t get us wrong, learning silks is hard work! This lesson is trick oriented, and you will learn different tricks each class. Most tricks are performed while holding yourself up in the air so get ready for the best workout you have ever had and leave with the most rewarding feeling and photos to prove it. 

Aerial Hammock is similar to how it sounds. It resembles a hammock that you may lie on at the beach. It is one long piece of fabric with both ends attached up top giving you the ability to sit in the fabric and learn moves, unlike silks, without needing to hold yourself in the air the entire time. The moves blend together in this act and is more routine oriented. Each class you will learn a different series of moves and it will be less impact on your body. 


Aerial Lyra is a large metal ring suspended in the air. This class involves manipulating yourself around the Lyra in all sorts of ways you never thought your body could move. This act is most frequently performed by people with a certain amount of flexibility, or people who really want to improve their flexibility. One thing that may not be obvious about this class is that because you are sitting and moving around on a metal ring, you may receive some friendly reminders of the class for a few days after. But a little bruise here or there never stops most people and it shouldn’t stop you! Once your body gets used to the Lyra, you learn how to dance around effortlessly and look like you are floating. 

Spanish Web is a long rope with a hand loop attached near the top. The instructor holds onto the bottom of the rope and spins the aerialist around while they perform various moves attached to the handloop either by their wrist or ankle. 

We offer Spanish Web classes on request only. Minimum requirement for someone with no experience is to take a Silks class and learn to climb to the top of the rigging effortlessly. Approval from head aerial instructor is required. If you already have Spanish Web experience, then please enquire about scheduling a class and we’d be happy to open up a class for you. 


Class Structure:


   All Aerial Classes and Privates run similarly. The classes are run and taught with a professional backbone but have a very lighthearted, fun and organic vibe. Classes are not intimidating and are taught with understanding and thoughtfulness. This is Island life guys! 


   Maximum 3 students per class. Class will run for 1 hour. Class starts with a 10-15 minute stretch and warmup. Then the instructor will give the run-down of the tricks/routine planned for the class and discuss any questions or goals from the students. A full instruction and demonstration will be given for each move. Each student will take turns on the apparatus and should not expect to be on the apparatus for the full hour. The class will end with a cool down stretch and an explanation of what could be/will be taught in their next lesson, along with exercise homework if that’s what you’re into! 


What to bring:


Leggings and a full length tank top 

Bug spray

Camera (many photo opps)

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