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Flying Trapeze Adventures



Koh Tao 

Tumbling Turtles

Ladies & gentlemen! Boys & girls! Children of all ages!

Step right up and  join our kids performance troupe!

Lions & tigers, jugglers & clowns, the tight rope walker, the aerialists, the trapeze artists & of course the ringmaster! All the wonders & secrets of the circus for you to learn & become. Who will you choose to be?

Circus is such a great way for kids to learn about partnership & support . No matter how big  or little, or strong or scared, you have to learn how to work together. A pyramid can only be built with all of the above. A strong base to create stability, a rock solid middle to create support & a top to create the beautiful image of the pyramid. 

We will give the kids an opportunity to learn it all from the ground to the air!

Available for kids 6-12

Kids will learn different aerials, pyramids, net games, tumbling, and flying trapeze skills (no catching)

The Koh Tao Tumbling Turtles Troupe is a minimum 2 months commitment so the kids have an opportunity to learn how to work and perform together. If you are looking for just 1 class then we recommend booking them into a Fun Fly Experience. 

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