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Burn the Lines


Flying Trapeze Fitness

We are so excited to introduce our new and super unique flying trapeze fitness class! This is an absolutely perfect way to get the best full body workout of your life AND learn flying trapeze. The flying trapeze portion of this class is focused on teaching you fundamental and oh so important skills that ANY flying trapeze artist should have. Sick of going to the gym? Or going to the gym just not enough? Try this class! OR looking to improve and gain lean muscles to help your Muay Thai, swimming or rock climbing? This class is a perfect complement to your pre-existing workout routines. There is no such thing as an unfit trapeze artist so come see for yourself!


Who can sign up?


This class was created and intended to supply the locals on the island an opportunity to add flying trapeze into their weekly routines. This class is adults only and recommended for students that want to take more than just one class and intend to learn the true art of flying trapeze. There is NO CATCHING in this class, so taking a Flying Trapeze class first is highly recommended but not necessary. Although catching is important in flying trapeze, before you can catch tricks with ease and look good doing it, there are countless amounts of skills to learn and strength to build. This is a skills, strength and technique based class, where we will teach you self-reliance on the trapeze rig and eventually you will be able to swing without lines. 

What to expect from a class:


All classes will start with a group stretch and explanation. Then the class will have practice bar strength training and bouncing in the net skills. Students will then take turns flying on the trapeze learning skills such as swinging, back drops, turn arounds, back end tricks, board working skills and much more. Depending on numbers, the students will get a minimum of 3 turns on the trapeze but no maximum. The class will run for one hour – island time J 


What to bring:


Bug spray

Active wear

Sports tape to wrap up sore hands (can be purchased from pharmacies around the island)

Small towel

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